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White Wine

White Wine By The Glass

Chenin Blanc / Pinotage, Beyerskloof, (South Africa)

(refreshingly dry and perfectly balanced with a complex and fruity aroma with peppery undertones)

$7.5 (5oz) / $10.5 (8oz)

Red Wine

Iswithi-Pinotage, Makulu (South Africa)

Semi-sweet with a bouquet of blackberries


Cabernet Sauvignon / Merlot / Cabernet Franc,

Duckitt (South Africa)

Medium bodied with prominent berry flavours and soft tannins


Malbec-Tempranillo, Fuzion Alta (Argentina)

Balanced wine with spicy plum and black currant flavours


Mukuzani , (Georgia)

Dry, medium bodied and fruity red wine


Pirosmani, Godori (Georgia)

semi dry, medium bodied with balanced blackberry finish


Saperavi, Godori (Georgia)

Harmonious dry wine with distinct aromas of forest berries


Alazani Valley, Marani (Georgia)

Medium sweet wine with aromas of fresh black fruits. Taste is full, soft and spicy


Kindzmarauli, Tetri, (Georgia)

Unique and versatile semi-sweet wine, excellent with spicy dishes


Red Wine By The Glass

Shiraz Cabernet, (Australia)

(dry, full-bodied with a spicy finish)

$7.50 (5oz) / $10.50 (8oz)

Averbode strong, full bodied 7.5% 11oz


Mongozo, pilsener, gluten free  5.0% 11oz


Golden Draak strong full bodied 10.5% 11oz


La Guillotine strong pale ale 8.5% 11oz


Fruli made with 30% strawberry 4.1% 11oz


Frulirium, new beer cocktail

(50% Fruli, 50%Delirium Tremens) 17oz


Erdinger Dunkel dark, full bodied (5.3%) 17oz


Erdinger Alcoholfrei 17oz


Stiegl Radler  2.5% 17oz


Carlsberg 11oz


Leffe Blonde 6.6% 11oz


Stella Artois (Belgium) 11oz


Domestic Beers

Coors Light







Delerium Tremens (8.6%) (Belgium ) 17oz


Erdinger Weissbier (Germany) 5.3% 17oz


Stiegl Lager (Austria) 4.9% 17oz


Duchesse de Bourgogne 6.2% 11oz


Cosmopolitan, 2oz (Vodka, Grand Marnier )

$8.25 single

Caesar, 1oz (Vodka, gin)

$6.95 single / $7.75 double

Long Island

$6.95 single / $7.75 double

Tom Collins

$6.95 single / $7.75 double

Whiskey Sour

$6.95 single / $8.75 double

Old Fashion

$7.5 single / $8.75 double

Sangria white

$7.5 single


Sangria red

$7.5 single

Grey Goose




Crown Royal (Reg.)




Jim Beam Black


Sauza Gold






Southern Comfort


Peach Schnapps









Grand Marnier


Bowmore Single Malt (12 yrs)


Chivas Regal (12 yrs)


Caffeinated Drinks

Coke, Diet coke, Sprite and Ginger Ale



Perrier natural, grapefruit or lemon


San Pellegrino sparkling


Borjomi (a brand of naturally carbonated mineral water from Georgia)



Orange, cranberry, apple, grapefruit


Coffee And Tea



Caffe premium coffee infused with hemp and whey protein


Tea bagged




Solaricco Fresco, Tiraspol Kvint (Moldova))

A unique blend with delicate aroma. The palate follows with crisp fruit
and citrus alongside honey.


Alazani Valley, Marani (Georgia)

A medium-sweet wine with an intriguing bouquet of ripe apples and melon.
The taste is fresh with mild acidity which is offset by the natural sweetness.


Pinot Grigio, Dunavar (Hungary)

(medium-bodied with a smooth acidity and lasting aftertaste. Goes well with a wide range of meat and seafood dishes) 


Late autumn Riesling, Inniskillin (Canada)

Full bodied, off dry with floral aromas and honeyed fruit flavours. Balanced acidity with long finish



Sauvignon Blanc , La Playa (Chile)

(Refreshingly crisp, fruity dry wine. Aromas of lemon, fresh pineapple with hints of lavender. Well balanced) 


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