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BAR in Saperavi Georgian Restaurant

White Wine

White Wine By The Glass

Sauvignon Blanc / Two Oceans (south Africa)

$7.5 (5oz) / $10.5 (8oz)

Red Wine

Tempranillo / Merlot, (Toro Bravo, Spain)

Medium bodied blend with soft round tannins


Malbec-Tempranillo, Fuzion Alta (Argentina)

Balanced, spicy plum/black currant flavour


Sangre De Toro (Torres, Spain)

Medium bodied. Fragrant & intense with rounded tannins


Cabernet Sauvignon , (Casas del Bosque, Chile)

Flavors of cassis and plum dominate


Kindzmarauli, Chelti, (Georgia)

Semi-sweet and well-structured wine. Made from a tannic and complex grape varietal. Well-balanced with acidity gives it a unique elegance.



(Vazisubani Estate, Georgia)  Dry, clay pot (Qvevri) wine.  Made using the 8,000 year-old traditional (UNESCO) Georgian technology. Bouquet of ripe cherry and elder fruit. Soft mature tannins on the palate followed by a long and complex finish.   Memorable.


Khvanchkara, Royal Khvanchkara, (Georgia)

Naturally semi-sweet. Ruby colour with a distinctive harmonious and delicate fruity taste and varietal aroma. Soft and velvety tannins


Red Wine By The Glass

Shiraz Cabernet, (Australia)

(dry, full-bodied with a spicy finish)

$7.50 (5oz) / $10.50 (8oz)

Averbode strong (Belgium) strong, full bodied 7.5%, 11oz 


Delerium Tremens (Belgium) strong blonde beer 8.5%, 11oz


Delirium nocturnum (Belgium), strong dark ale, 8.5%, 11oz


Duchesse de Bourgogne (Belgium), 6.2% 11oz 

(Complex and tart)

reminiscent of wine, with hints of balsamic vinegar and sweet and sour cherries.


Fruli (Belgium), made with 30% strawberry 4.1% 11oz


Stella Artois (Belgium) 11oz


Erdinger Weissbier (Germany) wheat beer, 5.3% 17oz


Erdinger Dunkel (Germany) dark, full bodied (5.3%) 17oz


Erdinger Alcoholfrei 17oz


Stiegl Lager (Austria) 5.1% 17oz


Stiegl Radler (Austria) 2.5% 17oz


Carlsberg (Denmark) 11oz


Leffe Blonde (Belgium) 6.6% 11oz


Domestic Beers

Monkey Trail Pale Ale (OGC)

16oz  $8

Mad Scientist IPA OHC)

16oz $8



Grey Goose


Crown Royal (Reg.)




Jim Beam Black


Sauza Gold






Southern Comfort


Peach Schnapps









Grand Marnier


Bowmore Single Malt (12 yrs)


Chivas Regal (12 yrs)


Caffeinated Drinks

Coke, Diet coke, Sprite and Ginger Ale



Perrier natural, grapefruit or lemon


San Pellegrino sparkling


Borjomi (a brand of naturally carbonated mineral water from Georgia)



Orange, cranberry, apple, grapefruit


Coffee And Tea



Tea bagged



non alcoholic

Sauvignon Blanc, Babich (New Zealand)

Medium bodies and crisp. Balanced acidity with passion fruit and citrus flavours


Rkatsitelli, Dry, clay pot (Qvevri) wine.

Vazisubani Estate (Georgia)

Made with the 8,000 year-old traditional Georgian technology (UNESCO). Amber colour. Full-bodied and complex with powerful notes. Aroma of dried fruit and nuts. Wonderful depth.


Pinot Grigio, Dunavar (Hungary)

(Medium bodied with smooth acidity and lasting aftertaste) 


Chenin Blanc, Santa Julia (Argentina)

​A light, dry wine with hints of lemon and green apple


Sauvignon Blanc , La Playa (Chile)

(Refreshingly crisp. Aromas of lemon & lavender) 


Chardonnay, Errazuriz Reserva (Chile)

Light, soft and fruity. Easy drinking


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