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About our Restaurant

     Saperavi, is the first Georgian restaurant in the Canadian Prairies. We offer a wide variety of authentic dishes inspired by our very experienced Georgian chef. The cuisine is based on the culinary traditions of Georgia, developed through the centuries. We appreciate that only a relatively small number of Canadians have travelled to the country Georgia so we have brought a part of Georgia to Winnipeg.  Whereas the cuisine is specific to the country, it has had some influences from Middle Eastern, Western Asian and European traditions. We have created a unique and personal dining experience, on Corydon Avenue, for our patrons. 

     Apart from having an outstanding cuisine, Georgia is considered by archaeologists to be the "cradle" of wine making. To complement the food, we offer a selection of Georgian wines (unique in the Prairies) to complement our dishes. We offer something different and hope you will seek a new gastronomic experience. Dining at Saperavi is all about enjoying the whole Georgian experience so take your time, enjoy the relaxed ambience, savour the flavours and sample the great wines.

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