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Food / Georgian Restaurant

3. Eggplant rolls

eggplants with cheese, served with walnut sauce


4. Borsch (V)

Soup made with beets, cabbage, carrots, potatoes, garlic and dill


5.Khachapuri Imeruli

cheese filled baked flat bread (our specialty)


6. Kubdari

baked flat-bread filled with beef and pork and seasoned with Georgian spices (add cheese)

$11 / $13

7. Vege Kubdari (V)

baked flat-bread filled with Swiss chard, spinach, mushrooms and fresh herbs (add cheese)

$12 / $14

8. Khachapuri Adjaruli

cheese-filled flat bread topped with a running egg


9. Ajapsandali (V)

Georgian ratatouille with egg-plants, sweet pepper and herbs


10. Schkmeruli 

chicken in cream and garlic sauce, served with potatoes or rice

$20 & $24

11. Spicy shrimps

with mango and avocado salsa, served with rice


12. Lulia kebab

ground chicken and veal’ served with salad

$13 & $20

13. Chakhokhbili

stewed chicken, peppers and Georgian spices, served with rice


14. Ojakhuri

potatoes, eggplants, peppers, tomatoes, cheese with pork

$20 or veal $23

15. Gupta

lamb meatballs seasoned with Georgian spices, served with rice


16. Pork or chicken shashlik  

charcoal grilled with Georgian spices

$20 (R), $25 (L), $29 (X)

17. Lamb shashlik  

charcoal grilled lamb with Georgian spices

$33 (R), $39 (L)

18. Khinkali

giant dumplings with ground beef/pork or vegetables (V)

$16 (4pc) / $27 (8pc)

19. Kebab Saperavi

striploin steak, skewered, marinated and grilled, served with rice




Salads and Appetizers

1. Georgian Salad (V) 

tomato, cucumber, peppers, spring onions, walnut dressing  

$12 (2 persons) $20 (4 persons)

2. Soko (V)

mushroom with cheese baked in clay “ketsi” dishes


Main Courses
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